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Fin décembre 2019, les membres de l’Union Nationale des Étudiant-e-s du Luxembourg se sont réunis pour leur congrès annuel. Un nouveau groupe de coordination a été élu pour l’année 2020, celui-ci est composé de Vicky Reichling (porte-parole), Estelle Née (porte-parole), Laura Dominicy (secrétaire) et Jill Kries (trésorière). C’est la troisième année consécutive que le groupe de coordination se compose uniquement de femmes.


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Background information:

- The internship law was proposed by the former Minister of Labour Nicolas Schmit and ACEL in March 2018

- It has been criticised by various stakeholders including UNEL (our positions can be found here) and amendments have twice been published

- There were elections in October 2018 and a new minister of labour was elected: Dan Kersch

- UNEL has met with the Minister, Corporations (UEL), Chamber for Employees (CSL) & ACEL to lobby for our demands

- A compromise has been published on the 24.05.19 between the above-mentioned stakeholders: UNEL, the Minister, Corporations (UEL), Chamber for Employees (CSL) & ACEL. Whereas new amendments have been decided upon

- This law regulates Internships conducted during high school or throughout university studies. Formation Professionelle (VET) is regulated through another law

- This law HAS NOT YET been voted upon and HAS NOT YET BEEN ENACTED

- Up to now, no details have been published regarding when the law will be voted upon and when it will be enacted